Workplace Perks: Fahe

Oct 20, 2019 | Community

Fahe, a Berea-based organization on a mission to eliminate persistent poverty in Appalachia, has 61 employees and has had a financial impact reaching the billions in the Appalachia area. Norma Edwards, vice president of human resources, says the biggest focus of Fahe leadership was to keep the “old-fashioned” benefits alive and well, which is why the company pays 100 percent of all employee health, dental, and vision premiums, along with short- and long-term disability. “We also offer flexible schedules, an option to work from home, and community service hours, as our younger workforce has requested these perks.”

Bright open area with natural light offers a good space to work, as well as a lake with benches outside of the office to take away stress. 

Norma sees this philosophy as a result of the work the employees do. “It’s ingrained in our culture, because our mission is to take care of the people in the communities we serve. We have to first take care of our staff to empower them to serve our members and our communities. Our leadership live it, model it, and encourage everyone to do the same.”

Education for employees will come from various sources. Norma explains the company is proud to have great partners that allow it to achieve this. “Almost every position we have is unique and requires specific training. The education may come from a vendor on a specific software or program, a business partner with a similar position, a senior staff member on the team, or from other non-profit organizations,” she says.

An organization since 1980, Fahe uses a variety of methods to advertise job openings including job boards and LinkedIn, but also relies on community partners that will share the information throughout the country. Having an environment that is focused on serving and empowering, Norma says they look for that type of person to be a good culture-fit within the organization, “Our hope is to appeal to others who have a servant’s heart and desire to be part of our great mission.”

P.S. A cool tote to keep you organized.