Workplace Perks: Appriss

Oct 21, 2019 | Community


With 450 Louisville-based employees, 950 company-wide, CEO of Appriss Mike Davis says,  “People come to work for Appriss for three reasons: they support the mission of our work, which is providing knowledge for good, keeping people safe, eliminating fraud, fighting  drug addiction, etc.; they know we are on the leading edge of technology; and we have created an environment that promotes work/life balance.”


He explains that the company does not track employee vacation or sick days, only requiring them to accomplish their job goals. In addition to providing a great benefits package, it offers an on-site doctor’s office and pharmacy  available for employees and their families. Promoting that work/life balance, Mike says adding areas like a game room, with ping pong tables and video games; an on-site cafeteria; and a haircut service available within the office allows employees to remain on the company grounds without having to spend time commuting to lunch or a hair appointment.

Mike credits the growth of this type of environment to the employee’s efforts to get behind it. “We’ve always had a culture of taking care of employees and being concerned about the health of our employees. Twenty-five years ago, Appriss was a startup with just a few employees, but in recent years we have really tried to emphasize that focus, and our employees have gotten behind celebrating those benefits and this environment. We frequently have some type of social event or celebration of success where we can join together as a family.”

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