The Biggest Career Mistake to Avoid

Oct 7, 2019 | Career

Melissa Fraser is a CPA, executive coach, and entrepreneur, who owns her own company, Breakout Business. She not only helps guide other women but has had to take her own advice as a professional and mother of four children. 

She says one of the biggest mistakes people make is expecting a company to give them a career path rather than the individual making their long-term goals, stating them plainly to the employer, and asking how to get there. “Goals point our behaviors and habits in a good direction. Once you achieve goals, they’re over; it’s really about the journey, but if the journey doesn’t have any direction, you can go all over the place,” Melissa says. 

Melissa strongly advises women to make a one-page life plan that includes spiritual, health, family, and professional/school goals. This plan should include the goal, the time frame for getting the goal accomplished, and the names of people who can help. By limiting the plan to one page only, it keeps the focus clear and prevents the planner from feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do. 

 “As far as picking what they want to do, I advise them to think about something you can do for hours and skip meals and not even have to go to the bathroom. This is work that doesn’t feel like work,” she says. 

P.S. Ten tips for a successful life and career. 


  1. Amy Letke

    Such a smart and beautiful woman! So proud of you, Melissa!

    • Betty keen

      Always working and thinking ahead. Inventive , intuitive , and smart. Letting no grass grow under your feet. What a woman!!


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