Finding Light in Cancer’s Shadow: Cortney Henry

Oct 15, 2019 | Breast Cancer, Pink Woman, Wellness

Cortney Henry

Age: 33

Diagnosis: Stage III triple negative breast cancer

When Cortney Henry was diagnosed with Stage III triple negative breast cancer in 2018, she questioned her resilience. However, being a mother gave Courtney the emotional fortitude she needed to face a difficult situation. “Had I been diagnosed before my son was born, I would be that patient crying in bed all [of] the time and eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Two days after my mastectomy, I was taking Advil only so that I could be awake to play with him,” she says. 

Feeling anger and sadness is normal for cancer patients, but she says concentrating on those emotions is destructive. To cope with her frustration, Cortney began writing a blog which gave her the freedom to communicate openly about her experience. “My chemo nurse would say, ‘It is OK to have a crappy day and be angry. You are allowed to feel those things, because you were dealt a crappy hand, but fighting is the only way you can survive it. You can’t fight when you are self-loathing.’” 

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