Finding Light in Cancer’s Shadow: Amber Ballinger

Oct 8, 2019 | Breast Cancer, Pink Woman, Wellness

Amber Ballinger

Age: 30

Diagnosis: Triple Negative Breast Cancer 

In January 2019, Amber had a double mastectomy and underwent 16 rounds of chemotherapy, which she completed in June. Two months later, she had reconstructive breast surgery and is undergoing radiation. She is cancer-free. 

Losing her hair was difficult for Amber, but she learned how to cope with the loss. “When it started falling out, I was really upset. That was probably the hardest thing,” she says. “But after I cut it off, I felt a huge relief just by having it gone and not worrying about it. I could move on.”

Through this journey, Amber has discovered that she’s much stronger mentally and physically than she thought she could ever be. “I’m a sensitive person and get upset easily, but I only had one day that I cried. I felt like I dealt with it pretty well. Physically, everyone told me that I’d be really sick and I wouldn’t be able to work. There was only one day I was sick and didn’t go to work. I came through it a lot better than I thought.” 

P.S. What this woman gained from having cancer and losing your hair doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. 


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