A Career Without Limitations

Oct 7, 2019 | Career

As Market Director/Executive Director at Chase Private Client and Chase Investments, Sherry Carrico has an unusual working situation: she covers a market that ranges from Bowling Green to Louisville and includes Owensboro and Southern Indiana. This radius means that while her home base is Owensboro, she spends weeks at a time in Louisville in order to support her financial advisor colleagues. 

Sherry began her journey at Brescia College in Owensboro, where she was initially a computer science major but quickly changed her mind because she didn’t love it. “I excelled at it but detested it,” she says. She switched to accounting/finance, but it was her part-time job as a bank teller that was the career clincher. “I loved engaging with clients. I got bit by the retail bank bug,” she says. 

Through the years, she was asked to take on different roles within the company, where she has been since 1993. Those roles, and the travel they involved, required her to be flexible and have the support of her family. “The commitment my family made to this arrangement was key,” she says. When Sherry’s daughter was an infant, her mother asked to be her caretaker, which allowed both Sherry and her husband to travel for their jobs. Sherry credits her colleagues with being another important part of her career puzzle: “The other factor is the people that I work with who appreciate and value our professional relationships. I have a tremendous firm who is very supportive of work-life balance,” she says. 

In order to make her professional life run smoothly, Sherry has found that communication is essential. “I’ve found that being upfront about the challenges is extremely helpful,” she says. She has to stay focused and extremely well organized. 

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