Why She Loves Yoga — and Belly Dancing

Aug 26, 2019 | Best Bodies, Exercise, Healthy Choices, Wellness

Karen McKnight

Job: Vehicle Assembly Technician and Joint Inspector at Kentucky Truck Plant of Ford Motor Company; Yoga Instructor 

Age: 56


A work-related injury spurred Karen McKnight’s interest in becoming proactive about her health. For 22 years, Karen has adhered to a consistent fitness regimen that includes yoga, belly dancing, and strength training. She says these types of workouts have improved her quality of life. 

The Power of Belly Dancing: “Belly Dancing literally rounds out my fitness foundation. It adds a soft yet strong powerful connection to my femininity. Whether proven or not I accept that the belly undulations are a tribute to the contractions of birth. Those same isolation movements also affect the freedom of movement in the spinal column. I performed with a troop for a short while and practiced even more and sometimes daily. It is also yet another system or way to isolate the mind to focus on the movement of the body,” she says.  

Feeling Good All the Time: I became a yoga instructor one year after I took my first yoga class. The great results in the way I enjoy life as well as teaching others is my motivation. Fitness is now my lifestyle. It’s, it’s varied and with the right perspective, it fuels and inspires. My fitness lifestyle first and foremost continually changes as I consciously tweek my perspective or mindset on how I treat myself and allow others to treat me. In short, my  mindset is active in joy, happiness, and prosperity  instead of being active in victimization. I am solution oriented,” she says. 

P.S. “Yoga is for anyone.”



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