Why She Fights Against Losing Muscle

Aug 11, 2019 | Best Bodies

Jennifer McCall Kuhl

Age: 52
Job: Medical Sales Representative, McKesson Medical Surgical; Co-Founder of Black White and Kuhl, a lifestyle blog for women over 40

When Jennifer completes a workout, she is happy knowing she is doing something for her body that has longterm benefits. Maintaining a strong body is one of her main objectives. Jennifer, who has been exercising since her twenties, does high intensity interval training and strength training as part of her workout sessions. “High intensity interval training training is great for the cardiovascular system and helps burn fat. Weight training is so important as we age. Less muscle means weakness and loss in mobility which can increase risk for falls and fractures,” she says.

As an added bonus, Jennifer says a good workout changes how she handles complex situations. “I may walk into the gym stressing about a work problem but when I walk out an hour later, the problem hasn’t gone away but I look at it differently,” she says.  

Jennifer is a pescatarian, but gets most of her protein from plant-based sources. She also fasts three days a week for 16 hours, but doesn’t deprive herself of foods she loves. Her rule is to eat clean 80 percent of the time. “Fasting has significantly reduced bloating and gives my digestive system a chance to rest and reset,” she says.  

P.S. Remember this quote when you consider skipping a workout.