Where You Can Workout For Free This Month

Aug 3, 2019 | Best Bodies, Community, Exercise, Healthy Choices, Wellness

If you are ready for a healthier lifestyle, a few of our Best Body participants can help you get started with free fitness classes. 


Melissa Goodlett, co-owner and head trainer of F45 Training with locations in Middletown, Crestwood, and St. Matthews, is offering a first-week free deal. Click on any one of these locations to find out more. 

Ashley Marble, founder and owner of The Marble Method is offering two free weeks at her gym. Use the code “2WEEKSFREE4ME” here to redeem this offer.

Jen Mannarelli, F45 Training coach and yoga instructor, is offering one free class at Yogaflow with Jen during the month of August or September. For more details, email her at jenmfitness@icloud.com.

P.S. The power of very, very early morning workouts. 


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