What Weightlifting Did for Her that Cardio Did Not

Aug 6, 2019 | Best Bodies

Lee Ann Alsup

Age: 31
Job: Program Manager of Volunteers at Best Buddies International, Health and Fitness Coach with Beachbody

Incorporating fitness into her life has given Lee Ann Alsup a new outlook on what she is capable of achieving, and she is eager to take the next challenge. For Lee Ann, lifting and strength training has been a game changer that has redefined how she feels about herself.  “I have always been ‘skinny’ but didn’t have much muscle definition. Lifting makes me feel like a badass, especially when I increase my weights and surprise myself with how heavy I am lifting,” she says. “There are several stereotypes around women and lifting, but it is my newfound passion because of the amazing results I have seen from it.”

Lee Ann also used fitness as a coping mechanism when she was going through a divorce and says “My workouts and meal plans were the few things I had control of in my life at a time when I felt I had no control over anything. Coaching and my health and fitness journey has been an entire mindset transformation,” she says. 

She adds, “It gave me a focus, a time to work on myself and see what new life I wanted to create. I learned to love myself, have confidence, and realized I was capable of doing so much more,” she says. Ultimately, the support of her team keeps her motivated to excel in training. When she is not training she is self-motivated and says that with every success, her motivation becomes stronger.

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