What To Do This Weekend

Aug 22, 2019 | This Weekend

Treat your ears to some nice harmonies from the The Pine Mountain Sessions —  a compilation of local based artists performing at The Kentucky Center. This year performances will be by Joan Shelley with Nathan Salsburg, Rachel Grimes, Silas House, Daniel Martin Moore, the Other Years, Maurice Manning and Marianne Worthington. Tickets for this event start at $25 and all proceeds benefit Kentucky National Lands Trust and Settlement School. 

Add to your book collection without draining your budget. Find some good bargains at The Bon Air Library will be having a book sale on Saturday and Sunday. 

Catch the nation’s finest artists and musicians at Speed Park for their Art in Speed Park event. Your kids can participate in the children’s art workshop while you sample some spirits in their wine garden provided by Huber’s Orchard and Winery. 

The Falls of the Ohio Digging the Past event is your chance to let your kids have fun exploring the world of geology, and archaeology. The morning starts off with a fossil bed hike and will continue with geology-themed craft acitivities and other archeological activities throughout the day. Dig up some fun for your weekend and let your children learn something new.

Take in the beauty of nature while listening to the sounds of opera music at Willow Park on Friday. The Kentucky Opera’s Opera in the Park concert will feature samplings from the upcoming music season.  

Eat a fresh, wholesome meal at the The Field to Fork Dinner. Enjoy a multi-course dinner inspired by the season’s harvests and celebrate talented local chefs and their work. This event is sponsored by the Food Literacy Project based in Louisville to educate those of all ages about agriculture and farming. 

P.S. A nice and super fun way to cool off this month. 


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