Every tattoo has a story.

Ashley Marble has a wave tattoo. “[It] reminds me to never get too high or never too low. It reminds me of the ebb and flow of life.”

Whitney Newby’s most recent tattoo is the word relentless. “I added it to my phoenix tattoo as a reminder that I have overcome so many obstacles and will continue to rise above because I am relentless.”

On her right arm, Lee Anne Alsup, has portraits of her grandfathers who both served in the military. She says, “I know both of them would be proud of the strong independent woman I have become. They are always with me and have taught me so much about getting the most out of life and living to my full potential.”

 Alyssa Schlimm has a tattoo of a rosary on her wrist and says, “My Catholic faith has always been a huge part of my life. My faith brings me such peace, strength, and joy, so I knew for my first tattoo I wanted it to be representative of the tradition and beauty of the church.”

Amie Isabel describes her tattoo as, “The tree represents my love for trail/ultra running and the outdoors. The circle represents the wholeness that I have in my life. Together they are just a representation of what I strive to be: whole and free.”


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