She Found a Way to Overcome Her “Shortcomings”

Aug 13, 2019 | Best Bodies, Exercise, Health Battle, Healthy Choices, Wellness

Karen Stout discovered fitness can be a healing remedy when your body isn’t functioning like it should. “Yoga became my passion after I realized I could rehab myself with all of its benefits. I was born with spina bifida so I always understood I was going to have to do something to stay in the game without debilitating pain every day. So I stumbled on Bikram yoga about 15 years ago. Its creator had been in a major motorcycle accident that broke most of his body. He rehabbed himself through what he created as Bikram yoga,” she says.  

After she integrated yoga into her fitness routine, Karen says her quality of life improved. “Yoga for me has changed my life beyond and back. It keeps me healthy. It keeps me out of pain. It keeps my mind more focused, and I always feel happier after a 90-minute Bikram practice. My motivation is not to be in pain every day,” she says.  

P.S. All you need is one hour each day. 

Karen Stout

Age: 45 

Job: Master Stylist at Joseph’s Salon and Spa


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