She Felt Her Body Fighting Against Her But This Is What She Discovered

Aug 19, 2019 | Best Bodies, Wellness

Laura Wagner

Age: 48

Job: Licensed psychotherapist and life coach; owner of Laura Wagner, LMFT & Certified Life Coach, LLC 

Laura Wagner didn’t let the onset of health issues weaken her resolve: instead she became physically and emotionally stronger. 

“I have moderate knee osteoarthritis, sciatica and the hormonal ups and downs of perimenopause. All of this was a perfect storm this summer and I became devoted to pivoting and planning a different way to heal and keep myself healthy and fit. I made more time to rest, changed the classes I took, sought care and treatment from doctors and other professionals, and saw myself through the loneliness and frustration I sometimes experienced. I never gave up. I take care of myself because I want to live a long and healthy life, and I’ll do whatever it takes as I age and my body changes to make that happen from a place of fierce love,” she says.

Maintaining good health, she says, is also about taking care of the mind.  Laura, who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, uses fitness as part of her treatment plan for managing both illnesses and doesn’t shy away from discussing it publicly. 

“There’s a lot of vulnerability and even shame when it comes to talking about mental health issues like depression and anxiety, but I am determined to keep it an open and ongoing conversation.  My mind, my body and my medicine work in concert to keep me well,” she says.

Laura is thankful for the personal growth she has gained through incorporating fitness into her life. “My commitment to fitness has helped me understand that I am strong in so many more ways than my body shows me. I have a mental toughness that that I’m proud of. Because I’m emotional and sensitive, I never really thought of myself that way until I understood what my body was capable of. That softer side of me is being strong,” she says.

P.S. You still have time to do this. 


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