She Believes in Building Others Up

Aug 27, 2019 | Best Bodies, Exercise, Healthy Choices, Wellness

Ashley Marble

Age: 35

Job: Owner of The Marble Method Fitness Studio

Ashley Marble became an accomplished athlete who graduated with a degree in exercise science and sports medicine. But after graduating from college, she struggled with her self image and had difficulty finding the motivation to exercise regularly. “I was so fed up with feeling alone on my journey, with diets, obsession with the scale, and how terrible I felt about my body and myself. I realized that if I was equipped with all this knowledge, training and expertise and was still struggling, how many other women felt just like me?,” she says. 

Teaching others how to appreciate their bodies has become a priority in Ashley’s life. “I want women to know that their worth is not tied and dependent to the number they see on the scale. When I was obsessed with the scale, I hated myself. The scale literally dictated my day, confidence, happiness and choices I made. I am no stranger to body hate and for over a decade I starved, binged, over-exercised to manipulate it to be smaller, skinnier, more appealing and more accepted to our widely sold idea of beauty.  But I hated my life then. I struggled with depression, self-sabotage and social anxiety,” she says.

P.S. Is this one of your excuses for not exercising?


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