Alyssa Schlimm

Age: 32

Job: Counseling Coordinator at Sacred Heart Academy, Performer and Event Coordinator for CirqueLouis

Alyssa Schlimm wants her children to understand that taking care of their bodies should be the priority — and they can have a good time while they do it. Since Alyssa comes from a family who values fitness, exposing her children to the same type of environment is natural for her. “My parents have always been avid volleyball players. Their involvement has shown me by example that no matter what stage of life you’re in, health can be a priority as well as the importance of having something of your own in life that you’re passionate about,” she says. 

Initially, Alyssa became active in gymnastics and was a diver. At age 8, she began training in the circus at Louisville Turners which led to her participation in other athletic activities. “After cheerleading in college, I started taking circus arts more seriously, and I’ve recently fallen in love with rock climbing,” she says. 

Alyssa says exercising with her husband and kids helps her stay motivated. Also, she says exercising together allows them to deepen their family connection. “I like to bring them [Louisa, age 3 and Konrad, age 5] along to my workouts as much as possible. They like to play at the circus gym and they love to go rock climbing with my husband and me. It’s nice to be able to spend time with them while I’m training so they can see that workout time can also be family time. We also love to take family walks and hikes together,” she says.  

P.S. She put down the Krispy Kreme donuts to teach Jazzercise…whoa!


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