How She Does Food Prep — and Her Secret Drink

Aug 24, 2019 | Best Bodies, Wellness

Jen Mannarelli

Age: 46 

Job/Job Title & Place of work: F45 Fitness Coach at F45; Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor at the Norton Commons YMCA & Wel at Humana; Yogaflow with Jen above UltimateMD office; Zija Health & Wellness ConsultantWomen’s Ministry Director at Springdale Community Church

Jen Mannarelli believes that time management is integral in staying healthy and happy. She preps her meals a week in advance to help her move through the days easier. If you are short on time, try these quick meal ideas from Jen.  

-Grill 3-4 pounds of chicken and freeze it into 4 oz bags. 

-Chop fruits and veggies on Sundays so they are ready to go for the week.

“If you need a quick healthy meal, throw some chicken onto a salad or in a bowl of veggies. Also, you can use the fresh pre-chopped veggies thrown in with some quinoa and grilled chicken. Toss this with a little tomatillo sauce or green salsa for the finishing touch,” she says.


Her Favorite Drink: Zija Supermix 

“It’s loaded with antioxidants, rich in alkalinity, detoxifies my body, boosts my immune system, reduces cholesterol and risk of disease, relieves inflammation & much much more,” she says. 

P.S. Eat like this gladiator champ. 





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