Her Goals, and Her Self-Talk Are Something For Us to Aspire to

Aug 12, 2019 | Best Bodies, Wellness

Beverly Blanton

Age: 43

Job: Schad & Schad, Litigation Paralegal

Setting athletic goals fuels Beverly’s spirit for competition, but achieving them is what gives her genuine satisfaction. In the past four years, she hasn’t turned away from a challenge. 

First goal: Shave 40 minutes off her prior marathon time at the Indianapolis Marathon in 2015. Accomplished. #Journeyto40

Second goal: After reaching a 1,000 mile milestone, running the most miles she has ever run in one single year, she challenged herself to run 100 miles a month in 2016. Accomplished. 

Third goal: Complete the “Run the Year” Challenge in 2019. This meant that she would run 2,019 miles for the year, which is about 168.25 miles per month and nearly 6 miles each day. Accomplished. “It is legit the hardest, most difficult goal I have ever tackled. “

Fourth goal:  Beverly has been given a guaranteed spot in the 2020 NYC Marathon and was one of the 500 entries that were selected.  She will run this next year and complete her most current goal: to run the NYC Marathon. 

Although Beverly is proud of her fitness accomplishments, she also wants her kids to understand the importance of taking care of their bodies. “In a world full of things you cannot control, your body and physical well-being is something you can. Being healthy gives you a sense of strength, builds confidence — allows you to hold your head high and stand up for yourself. I take pride in being a good role model for my children. I tell them all the time — you are given this one body for your entire life, and you must take care of it. No one else will. No one else can do it for you. You are strong, you are beautiful — act like it, believe it, embrace it. Don’t waste this life you are given,” she says. 

She adds, “Strong muscles, strong bones, strong heart. I have no doubt I couldn’t run the mileage I do without a strong core, back and upper body strength.”

Beverly admits that staying motivated to exercise can be difficult, but she has learned how to break through the negative mind chatter. “I am a very goal oriented and driven individual, so that helps a lot. Don’t get me wrong: I have days or weeks when I feel discouraged and unmotivated, but I keep going. For me the most important thing is to have a plan. Having a plan helps me stay focused and disciplined. On days I don’t feel like running, I give myself a pep talk. I remind myself of how great I’ll feel when it’s over. I tell myself it’s okay to slow your pace….just move. Some days, it’s literally more of a mental battle than physical one. The mind is a very powerful tool that requires training as well,” she says. 

P.S. When your body speaks, listen and move.