Exercise Cannot Be Taken Away

Aug 4, 2019 | Best Bodies, Exercise, Healthy Choices, Wellness

Whitney Newby

Age: 31

Job: Special Education teacher at Iroquois High School; head volleyball coach at Metro Parks Volleyball Academy and Butler High School


For Whitney Newby, making fitness a permanent part of her life has given her the strength and courage to overcome any obstacles she faces.

 “I exercise for multiple reasons and it changes with each phase I am in along my journey. Exercise can never be taken away from you. As long as I’m able to move, I can exercise. I have control over it. It’s how I prove that I’m stronger than whatever life throws my way. Kinda like my revenge body! Being able to exercise has kept me from giving up on a lot of things. It has made me mentally and physically tougher,” she says. 

The physical benefits of exercising regularly are nice, but Whitney believes women should look beyond the physicality of fitness and focus on improving their character. “I wish women would love themselves and work on their mindset before working on their bodies. Having a nice body doesn’t get you what you want in life. Mindset, inner peace, happiness, confidence, passion, and drive — that’s what gets you where you want to be. How we look in these bodies does not ensure happiness, it’s how we live in them,” she says. 

Whitney says she also gets more pleasure from working out alone. “I try working out with others but it’s not the same. Since I like to control my exercises, I don’t want to control anyone else’s or tell someone what they need to be doing. When I work out it’s my time, and I don’t like sharing it often. I work out wherever I feel like it that day. During the school year it’s mostly in the gym. I like to change it up though. New scenery, new energies!”

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