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Jul 15, 2019 | Current Obsessions

Martha Nichols-Pecceu.

What better way to get to know Today’s Woman than through her Current Obsessions? This month we meet a woman who is obsessed with all things French, children’s films, and lists, lists, lists.

Louisvillian Martha Nichols-Pecceu graduated from Centre College with a degree in French and history and has a Ph.D. from Duke University. She lived in Paris for a year while she worked on her dissertation, and in order to pay the bills, sold microwave popcorn — maybe the popcorn thing explains her passion for film. She’s married to Eric Pecceu, who is French (although they met in America), and they have two children Henri and Charlotte. She has lived and taught French at the university level in Florida, Texas, and Rhode Island. In Louisville she has taught French at Alliance Français and West End School. Two years ago she founded the Louisville Children’s Film Festival.

Martha’s Current Obsessions:

Louisville Children’s Film Festival
I’m obsessed with children’s film. They can be very uplifting and simple and give positive messages for kids. They can show real problems and how kids have responded to those problems with resilience and hope.
At this year’s festival, 15 countries were represented with 20 films and shorts. We had entries from Russia, Iran, Japan, and France.

Becoming by Michelle Obama
It is very inspiring with its messages of when they go low, we go high, stay true to your goals, and, especially for girls, education as empowerment. I also read A Grand Success, about the creative work environment of Aardman Studio, a pioneer in stop-action animation such as its Wallace & Gromit series.

A depiction of Martha’s love of France, painted for her by a French painter. The map shows her path through France.

I think the language is beautiful. I love its culture, literature, food, artists, history, and its joie de vivre. We go to Provence as a family every other year, and we stay in a stable converted into a house with a homing pigeon tower outside.

Where would I be without my lists?

Storm Large
I was introduced to this singer recently at the Louisville Orchestra Pops Love, Lust + Rock ‘n’ Roll concert. She sang a Led Zeppelin song “Thank You”, and it was stunning.

Angry Mama
This is a microwave oven cleaner. You put a vinegar and water solution in the body, put it in the microwave, turn it on, and the solution shoots out of her head. Clean oven!

What’s Inside
This is the YouTube channel of a father and his 12-year-old son who cut things open: golf balls, lava lamps, rubber band balls.

P.S. Read about this author’s newest obession: podcasts.


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