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Jun 3, 2019 | Most Admired Woman

WAVE 3 News Morning Anchor Lauren Jones was voted by Today’s Woman magazine readers as the 2019 Most Admired Woman in Media.

Lauren Jones
Morning Anchor, WAVE 3 News

Family: Husband Jude Redfield; children Marin, Evelyn, and Leo
Area of town: Oldham County

Lauren Jones is a meteorologist who, as a child, was terrified of weather. During storms, she would take a twin mattress into the bathtub along with her stuffed animals. While she considered working for the National Weather Service, she eventually made her way to broadcast television. She feels lucky to work on big weather days as well as cover the news in the morning. With her husband also a trained meteorologist, her children knew at early ages the different types of clouds and which ones mean storms are brewing.

What is your favorite aspect of meteorology?
I’m a severe weather junkie. I take the mindset of “information is power.” If I’m able to know what’s going on and feel informed, it makes me less anxious.

What is the best thing about your job?
My driving force is my family. I’ve been blessed that the hours I work allow me to spend the majority of the day with my family. I realize a lot of parents don’t get home until seven or eight at night. When it comes to work, the best thing is the people. I come into work in my pajamas, my hair is wet and slicked back every morning, no makeup. They see all the layers peeled back. It’s nice to know that I’m able to work with people who always have my back.

What is a challenging aspect of your job?
The hours. [Lauren’s alarm goes off at 1:30am. She gets to work at 3am.]

What do you do to relax?
We’re big on watching family movies. We love going outside and going on family walks. I also love walking around Target.

Are you a person who likes to be busy or chill on vacations?
We normally go to the beach every summer, and I look forward to it. The second it’s over, I’m thinking, “I can’t wait for 365 days from now to do it all over again.” We go to Hilton Head, South Carolina, all the time. We are very much the relaxing family. We wake up, go to the pool, go to the beach, go on walks, ride bikes, and make dinner. And then we do it all over again the next day.

Who does the cooking in your house?
My husband’s a really good cook. I’ll burn everything. My daughter said, “You make the best fruit.” I said, “You know I just cut it.” I don’t do anything else. I can make a mean fruit.   

How does your job help you feel or show gratitude?
We report on the worst of the worst. I find myself so many times a day thinking, “I can’t even fathom what that family is going through.” I’m really grateful. I’ve got healthy kids, a great husband, a great family.

What word best describes you?
Loyal. I have a handful of lifelong close friends who I really value.

What makes you lose track of time?
I feel like I really don’t ever lose track of time. I think when you talk to anyone who works in morning television, there’s a bit of sleep anxiety that goes along with it. You’re constantly counting down to when you’re finally able to sleep, and then you’re counting down how much time you still have to sleep when you’re trying to fall asleep. I’m very routine.

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  1. Elaine Warner

    I’m glad to know that you are more like me than I would have ever guessed. We voyiers out here think most on TV live lives of glamour and glitz. We think you are all type A people. You are constantly making things happen. Well Lauren you are the one that said no, not me, I’m very routine. Thanks

  2. Maria Marnell

    Lauren, i admire you for juggling a career, finding time for your family and how Beautiful you are inside and out!,❤

  3. Shelley

    I love you for being real! You aren’t just some “talking head” behind a desk reading a teleprompter. You talk about your family, your home life, and you make us laugh! Keep it up Lauren! Your fans love you! Congratulations!

    • Theresa Pinkston

      Lauren , I so miss seeing you later in the day. Your such a beautiful and intelligent young woman. I admire the way you carry yourself .Your wholesome down to earth personality that can touch each and every person that watches you. Ihope Life is yreating you and your family well ! God Bless

  4. Doris Brown Chambers

    Was your grandmother Lucy Jones? She was my mother’s favorite first cousin. I spent a week with her a few years ago then we lost touch.


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