We took our cutting shears into our backyards to gather some greenery and blooms that can work alone or together with some grocery store flowers. We added in some unusual containers to produce beautiful results.

Bloom and Sparkle

Keep your water clear and your blooms fresh. Look around —
we used some different shape vases and some everyday glassware, such as sundae glasses.

 Try some different options, because the
size of the top of your vessel can make the
arrangements easier or harder.

• Clean your glass container before
adding anything.
• Change water daily or every other day.
• No foliage under water line.
• For woody branches, crush the cut end
with a hammer or cut into them to help
the branches take up water.
• Try different options — and different
heights. There is no one right way.
•If you think it looks good — it looks good.

Color and Shape

Play around with different vessels you have in your home or you find at your local resale store. If it holds water it has potential.

The brown woven basket pictured above has some small jelly jars inside to hold water and flowers. 

P.S. Think of your plant as being more than just a plant.