Four Makeup Tips that Work for Every Woman

Apr 16, 2019 | Sponsored

Elevating your makeup style can be daunting when you’re unfamiliar with what works best for you, but achieving the type of look you want is simpler than you might think. Makeup artist Rick Bancroft shares some basic tips on how to put your best face forward. Rick provides makeup lessons, consultations, and makeup application for clients through his business Makeup By Rick Bancroft.  

  • Prep your skin before applying makeup. “I make sure the skin is well-exfoliated, hydrated, and smooth. I add primer and then apply foundation.” He adds, “Use waterproof mascara, long-wearing lip stains, and set your makeup with a setting spray.”
  • Choose foundation with care. “Foundation does not need to be thick, heavy coverage. The older you are, the more sheer it should be, because you have more lines and texture when you’re older, and the heavier foundation settles into lines.” Rick suggests using liquid foundation and says it is best not to set your makeup with powder because the powder makes lines more prominent. “You want your skin to look as smooth as possible so that you can look the youngest that you can.” 
  • Focus on your brows, lash line, and lips. “If you think of some of the classic movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow, their look was very specific. [It was] a very defined brow, lots of mascara, liner, and usually a red lipstick.” Focusing on these areas, he says, is important because as you age, you lose brow hair, lash hair, and lip volume. Using the right products for these areas helps you maintain a youthful look.
  • Embrace red lips but avoid purple lids. “A red lip looks good on everybody. It is just a matter of what color works for your skin tone. I always say a red lip isn’t a color but a personality, and it never goes out of style.” If you are over the age of 40, Rick says wearing purple eyeshadow isn’t the best choice. “Avoid purple shadows with lots of red in them and no lilac or red eyeliner on eyelids. It can make you look tired.”