Shared Spaces for a Small Company

Mar 25, 2019 | Career

Mobile Initiative, Louisville based tech company. Marketing Team: Lauren Dahl, Taylor Gholson, and Mia Shaaba

Sharing an open office space can be a tightrope to walk, but when done correctly, the benefits are able to truly shine.  For starters, sharing an open work space allows for thriving collaboration, the foundation of bringing big company ideas to fruition. An open office space allows two or more employees to work closely, without walls or large physical barriers. The lack of physical barriers does not mean a room with no boundaries — there are certainly a few things to address before jumping in to this style of work environment.

Tip 1: Physical space is extremely important, but mindset must first be addressed.

Discuss candidly each individual expectation, team goals that breed from open spacing, and address any concerns you may have. People are people, after all. Our personalities, work habits, and preferences are valid. Talking about needs and wants will only bond the team.

Lauren’s two boys created this “abstract” Mobile Initiative painting, she gave them limited colors to reflect company branding. The result is dramatic, custom, and fun. (Budget friendly, too!)

Taylor has the whole team hooked on her lotions and oils, they make for a great mid-day self-care moment, perfectly paired with afternoon coffee.

Tip 2:  Unify and beautify the space.

Having a hodgepodge of items within the shared space will create mental clutter, opt in for a visually cohesive space that speaks to the company branding. A common color palette, same style desks, and a clear anchor point creates cohesiveness.

Tip 3:  Personalization is a must. You know this.

 Family photos, inspiring images, chocolates to indulge, and even self-care products you love should be displayed as you wish. Customizing your individual space goes beyond mementos of joy, it also includes designing your specific area to fit your working style.

Sharing a work space has challenges, of course, but our team has experienced great success with this system. It has allowed openness, quick and productive conversations, collaborative energy, and a stronger connection as a team as we strive to work together to make excellent things happen for Mobile Initiative ( 

Lauren Dahl is the director of Community Outreach for Mobile Initiative.

Extra tidbit: A bright, cheery workspace that will make you smile.