Today’s Woman Derby Issue

Mar 29, 2019 | Derby, Today's Woman Now

It’s time to start planning for Derby, and we’re excited about giving you some ideas you can use to make your Derby and spring season phenomenal. In this issue, you’ll get the inside scoop on … 

  • Creating a stunning Derby outfit, which includes finding the right type of hat.
  • Bringing the flavors of spring into your food.
  • Finding some of the best Derby parties in town. 
  • Where to go for a dessert inspired by the Mint Julep.

On the covers: Kentucky Derby Festival Princess Elizabeth Seewer is in her second year of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Bellarmine University. She is president of her program and a research scholar at Bellarmine. Elizabeth founded the organization Sweet Memories, where she pursues her love for showing children ability through baking. 

Elizabeth is wearing: Hat by Sweet Caroline Hats, $159; Earrings from Dot Fox, $28; Dress from Dress & Dwell, $68.

Extra tidbit: Three tips for giving your out-of-town guests an exciting Derby experience.