Artisans + Crafters: Laura Moser

Mar 15, 2019 | Artisans

Art can be expressed in many different styles—through painting, weaving, pottery, and even in fashion design. Eight years ago Laura Moser needed a hat to wear to her first visit to the Kentucky Derby. Instead of buying one, she purchased a base and adorned it to create the perfect headpiece to accent her dress. She continued to create hats year after year for each Derby, drawing the admiration from friends and family. They asked her to make hats for them as well.   

Laura’s abilities flourished and she took her avocation quite seriously. She considered turning her hobby into a business in 2015 after her son David passed away from stage IV melanoma. She took an early retirement from American Airlines to spend more time with her husband and he encouraged her to follow her passion to create her hats.

It was her desire to learn from the best, so she jetted off to Australia in 2017 to attend the Hats Off to Adelaide Millinery Convention. She attended workshops led by famous milliners such as Carol Maher, Louise Macdonald, and Vladimir Straticiuc who’s designed headpieces for the royal family. In 2018, she flew to France where she received private instruction from British milliner Tracy Chaplin.

Laura no longer purchases bases to create her hats—she does all of the millinery work herself creating one-of-a-kind couture fashion. For the 2019 Derby season, you’ll find Laura’s work at The Brown Hotel gift shop, at Von Maur department store, and here

Extra tidbit: Paintings that will stir up your emotions and an artist who is giving vintage dresses a different type of visual appeal.