Artisans + Crafters: Kevin Schultz

Mar 12, 2019 | Artisans

Drawing upon artistic techniques from the past often inspires a modern-day artist to create new pieces of work. Such is the case for artist and art teacher Kevin Schultz. She looks for ways to expand her knowledge as she endeavors to use newly-discovered skills, not only in her work, but as a way to teach her students at New Albany High School.

Several years ago Kevin began teaching a method called cyanotype, a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. The method was developed by English scientist and astronomer Sir John Hershel in 1842, and it was simply used as a way to reproduce notes and diagrams, as you would with a blueprint. In order to learn more about this 174-year-old process, Kevin enrolled in a cyanotype workshop.

Her first prints were of smaller objects such as leaves, feathers, and lace. Kevin was so delighted with the results that she began to consider other objects that could be used to produce more prints. Her thoughts turned to the vintage dresses she’s collected for 30 years. Initially, they were used to dress her advanced photography students during photo shoots, but she had other ideas for them. She decided that many would be perfect for cyanotype printing. The result is a beautiful, haunting image printed on paper or muslin.

Her work has been displayed in Indiana at the ArtSeed Gallery and the Madison Art Club. She still collects vintage dresses, and her goal is to have a complete show of the cyanotype dresses once those prints are complete.

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