Artisans + Crafters: Hollie Rich

Mar 5, 2019 | Artisans

Finding the right pillows to complement her furniture is what inspired Hollie Rich to become a solopreneur and start her pillow cover design business, Stuck on Hue. “I had a passion for home décor as a hobby,” she says. “We had this ‘bossy’ sofa we couldn’t work around, and I was frustrated with it sitting in my living room. I kept trying pillow after pillow and nothing seemed to work.” She thought if she could teach herself how to make pillow covers then she’d be able to save a little money plus change out the look from time to time. After scouring through books, magazines, blog posts, and YouTube videos, Hollie began creating zippered pillow covers.

The idea of turning fabric into a finished product that makes her space or someone else’s have more pizzazz, brings Hollie joy. She prefers bold patterns and designs and favors floral patterns. “That’s what gets my heart racing,” she says. The majority of her fabrics are from trade-only sources and come from renowned fabric houses such as Schumacher, Designers Guild, and Pierre Frey, plus she buys from boutique fabric designers. Customers have told her once they’ve experienced her handmade pillow covers they can’t do ‘big box’ pillows ever again.

Her goal is to help design enthusiasts create spaces that express their own style. “Forget trends. Your home should be a reflection of your  personality, not what everyone else is buying.”

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