Annie Bender’s Work Wardrobe

Mar 4, 2019 | Work Wardrobe

“I loved to look at houses as a kid,” says Annie Bender, a real estate agent with K-9 Realty, a newly formed agency. “My parents would drive me around so I could look at houses. I liked the architecture. When someone is riding around with me looking at homes, I think, how great is it to do what I love.”

Annie, 43, who is also on the board of the Center for Women and Families, has been working in real estate since 2008. “I started in the market when it was going crazy. It was a good way to learn. I was fortunate to start when it was a tiny company.”

Annie is philosophical about her work wardrobe. “The one thing I always wear is a smile,” she says. “It can change your day and someone else’s.”

The next most important thing is comfort. “If you aren’t comfortable, it shows,” Annie says.

“I might be meeting clients or networking. I might be putting signs in the yard. I have learned to throw a pair of tennis shoes in my car. I have been known to wear heels with my athletic pants with a blazer.”

Her staple: “My classic go-to is my navy blue blazer. I can wear it with a T-shirt and jeans, a button down shirt, or a silk top and slacks with heels.”

At 5-foot-10, she finds pants that fit her at Banana Republic. She also finds clothes for her height and shape at Collections Boutique in the Westport Village Shopping Center.

The Vault (in the Vogue Center) is my favorite place for accessories,” she says. “It’s a place to find a nice bracelet for $30 that is unique to Louisville. You can also have jewelry made there.

“I’m pretty classic. I still like my chunky ring or bracelet. I keep it minimal, so I am showing off one accessory. I’m still a girl who loves her pearl necklace.”

Annie also uses two clothing stylists to pick out clothes for her.

She works with Nicole Bolz, of Nic and Kat Boutique, who has a storefront as well as an online business. “Nicole will come to your home,” Annie says. “The clothes are trendy and inexpensive. Really, really cool clothes.”

“I also wear Cabi Clothing and work with stylist Jody Garner. Cabi has a phone app that is a virtual closet. It holds all the pieces that you’ve purchased. It shows you what you can mix and match so you don’t have to think as hard about what to wear when preparing for your day. It will help build your closet for you. It’s really great for the lady on the go.”

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