Smooth and Sleek

Feb 1, 2019 | Pets

If you’re searching for some fashion inspiration, think about using your pet as a starting point. These pet owners and their animals are stepping out in the name of love — with style.  

Hannah Horton adopted her dog, Bailey, a Pitbull mix, from a shelter in Nashville, Tennessee, about two years ago. “She was immediately sweet and loving even though she was in a shelter,” says Hannah, who adds that Bailey has taught her a lot. “She adds happiness every day — she’s the first dog I’ve owned as an adult that has taught me a lot about unconditional love.”

Because Bailey was a rescue, she had some socialization issues. Hannah and Bailey worked hard on them, and after a year they were able to make their first dog park visit. “Now she’s great and can interact with dogs like a pro!”

Hannah’s day job is as an internal auditor at Humana, but she maintains an instagram account for Bailey to help prevent breed discrimination @miss_pit_bailey.

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