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Feb 5, 2019 | Way to Go Woman

We are looking for women who did not wait to make a difference — whether at work, at play, or in the community. You want to tell her Way to Go, Woman!

If you know of a young woman (under the age of 40) who has done something everyone should know about, nominate her to be featured in this special issue. Nominations should be made by noon June 13 at We will be featuring the five winners of each category in our September issue of Today’s Woman.

CATEGORIES: Professional • Leadership • Entrepreneur • Reinvented • Community

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  1. Lanisha Porter

    My name is Mike Ford and it is my honor to nominate Lanisha Porter. She is Louisville’s best kept secret. As a 2X author who has opened her own publishing company, and mentored more than 200 young women through a program called “Urban Girls Rock”, Lanisha is a 23-year old woman who is ennobled and uplifts her community through her selfless giving. She is definitely a woman to keep your eye on.

  2. Donna L Ramey

    I wish to nominate Elizabeth Starck. Elizabeth works in the probation department where she is making a difference, but she is also a foster Mom to several animals. Elizabeth works with Southern Indiana Animal Rescue. She not only fosters, she deals with the adoption process, takes the animal to the Doctors for all the care, and does the meet and greets at the Clarksville Petsmart. She has spoken at schools about the importance of pet adoption, has started and held several walk/ runs for the SIAR . That seems to be so much she does, but there is so much more. When a friend passed, he asked her to care for his 3 dogs. She took them in to her home and they will live out their lives with her. She has gone out and has rescued dogs from ”mills” and horrendous living conditions. Several of the dogs she rescues are feral and not adoptable and some have medical conditions that will shorten their lives and make adoptions impossible. Instead of just discarding these ill or unsocial animals, she takes them in and gives them the best life possible for the time they have until they cross the rainbow bridge. Her passion for animals is so heartwarming and she is passing this love undo the next generation. Her niece, Rosemary is always there to love on the animals, and she seems to have the same love that her Aunt Elizabeth has. She can be found at work some days with a dog around her desk.
    This young lady works constantly for the betterment of lives, by making it her passion to see that our 4 footed friends live happily and healthy and also works with the probation department helping people get their lives in a better state.

    Please consider Elizabeth Starck as a WAY TO GO WOMAN in community service

    • TodaysWoman

      Hi! This is wonderful, but please make sure to use the form on when you are nominating someone, otherwise, the nomination doesn’t count.

  3. Beth Denham

    I could not access this form? Is it too late to submit? Thanks!


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