Making a Statement

Feb 4, 2019 | Pets

If you’re searching for some fashion inspiration, think about using your pet as a starting point. These pet owners and their animals are stepping out in the name of love — with style.  

How do you decide to live with a dog that stands over six feet tall? “My husband, Steve, was on a secret search for an Irish Wolfhound. He found a breeder in Laurelsville, Ohio, and took me on a made-up road trip for my birthday,” Kelli Pope says. “In a room full of puppies, he said, ‘Happy Birthday! Which one do you want?’ Jasper [aka Jasper Prince Charming, the puppy’s entire new name] and I rode hours home, bonding, with his head on my shoulder.”

Since they adopted him four years ago, Jasper has become a Red Cross therapy dog. The Popes and Jasper visit a local nursing home twice a month, and attend other events such as a camp for children with cancer. “Anytime he can go visiting with us, he is a happy guy. And he goes to my art shows with me,” says Kelli, who is a long-time jewelry artist at Jewelry by Kelli. (She is modeling one creation in her photo.)

Extra tidbit: Humans aren’t the only ones who can have soulmates


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