I Am Not Limiting My Self

Feb 9, 2019 | Passions

“The different phases you go through in life are interesting. Each one is meant to give you a different lesson, so this past year was one that I focused on to figure out what the next part of my life looks like. I’m excited because I know that it’s limitless.” 

Who said that? She’s got sparkle. She’s got grace. She’s Allie Martin, community relations and event manager at Kendra Scott’s Oxmoor Center location and founder of Selfish the Podcast.

“My word for 2018 was ‘focus,’ and my word for 2019 is ‘limitless,’ as I don’t want to limit myself in life. I’ve been focused on my personal goal this past year, so looking ahead I’d like to push forward without holding myself back.” 

Afterthought: What it takes to be fully alive.  



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