A Love Letter from Henry Higgins

Feb 11, 2019 | Pets

 These animals are more than pets — they symbolize the meaning of unconditional love. Find out how they are bringing positive energy and happiness into the lives of their owners.

Whitney Harding Higaki and Henry Higgins

Sports Reporter/Anchor for WHAS11

“Your snuggles are the best. Thanks for the treats – but I could always have more. You take me on long walks – so the coffee people can give me puppuccinos. You are my favorite person – until Grandma and Grandpa come to visit. I love you.” Love, Henry Higgins

How they met: “We knew we wanted a corgi and did a lot of research. It paid off — we ended up getting connected with Shara Cunningham, a groomer near Athens, Ohio who had bred her and her family’s two registered corgis.”

The attraction: “When we saw him, he instantly had a smile. We quickly saw that he has the quirkiest, funniest personality. When we went to pick him up all the dogs were running around the breeder’s house. We walked in to find our new little guy and a paw came swiping out from underneath the couch. I exclaimed, ‘What was that!’ and our breeder, Shara, laughed and said, ‘That’s your dog!’ I immediately knew he was our perfect little man.” 

Happiness factor: “He instantly can detect sadness or gloominess and brings snuggles or demands to be played with. He is so silly, and I find myself spending hours on my days off just watching his weird behavior.”

Time together: “He comes to the news station with me on the weekends and cheers up my coworkers. I bring him with me when my husband is out of town, if my coworkers have had a hard week whether that be a lot of emotionally draining stories or just a lot 
of work, or honestly, if I just need a friend to sit with me.”

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  1. Shara Cunningham

    This is great! I remember when you guys came to get him. I knew it was a perfect match. He was always going under the couch to hide, followed by zooming around upon his discovery!


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