Top Tips to Ignore Everybody and Live Your Best Life (Part 2)

Jan 22, 2019 | Mental Health

This past month, confidence catalyst Laura Gassner Otting discussed tips to get out of a rut on The Today Show, which included ignoring everybody. Below, Today’s Woman shares more of Laura’s insight from her Top 5 Tips to Ignore Everybody and Live Your Best Life. 

Your fourth grade teacher was wrong about you.  Back in middle school, we were taught to pursue the gold stars, get the good grades, and shine across the board. We had no say in the skills that got rewarded; and often what we were rewarded for was different from what we loved. So, rather than picking a path based on what makes us special—what we like, what we do well, and where we shine—most of us are forced to pick our path early, based on values attached by others and on interests that aren’t our calling. Remember that fourth-grade teacher who said that you should become a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant? They possessed no crystal ball, and yet we internalized their notions as predictions rather than simply suggestions. What if, just what if, that prediction was based on nothing more than anecdotal information gathered at a specific moment in time, when we still let our mothers cut our hair and pick out or picture day outfits, was wrong? How? Learn when to say yes. 


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