It’s Not Too Late to Make a Resolution

Jan 14, 2019 | Wellness

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution! 

We want you to join the Today’s Woman community as we embark on living our healthiest year yet. We are looking for women of all sizes, ages and fitness levels to participate.

How to Enter:

1. Sign up at and send us your photo.

2. Post updates on social media with the hashtag #BestBodyChallenge.

3. Or, gather a group (2 or more) together at your gym (or in your neighborhood) to hold each other accountable and register at

4. You have from now until May to get in tip top fitness shape (just in time for summer!).

What Do You Win?

1. You will look great (and feel better, sleep better, have more energy)!

2. Winners will be featured in our annual Best Bodies issue, in one of the seven categories — or even on the cover.

3. We will send you updates about free places you can go to workout or invite you to join us at certain events.

4. Special giveaways will be available only to participants who have signed up.

5. Mini-contests will be held throughout for specific things: biggest non-scale change, morning workouts, evening workouts.

Sign up here!

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