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Jan 28, 2019 | Wedding Celebrations

This bride was determined to create a different wedding experience. “I wanted it to be meaningful to us, but also fun for all our guests,” says Kayla Oldham Hammitt. Since this bride is a landscape architect, she specializes in space and people movement and designed the day and venue with that in mind.

The private venue in Southern Indiana was a long modern-industrial barn that the bride designed into three areas: This ceremony space was created with draped fabrics and boxwood hedges.

Once the almost-spring date was set, the venue was located, along with the decision to have the ceremony and the reception all in the same location. “I didn’t want people to have to leave after the ceremony. I think you lose some of the magic feel of the evening.” says Kayla. So guests moved from the ceremony space to a cocktail and honey tasting time before the dinner of chicken and waffles was served.

One of the overall design elements was a floral black and white ink sketch by the bride which was then printed on everything from table runners to invitations.

Each space in the large venue was subtly divided to change the mood. After the dinner, the couple moved into a first dance under lights, which defined the third area along with a stage with a band. The first-dance tradition was one of the few that Kayla and Nate did participate in: “There were many traditions that we bucked  sometimes against the advice of family members  we didn’t have the same number of bridesmaids as groomsmen and they sat during the ceremony. We didn’t toss a bouquet or a garter, we wrote our own vows, and many other details. And, it was the right thing for us.”

The bride’s bouquet was created with redbud branches and the attendants carried a mixture of spring branches mixed with evergreens . The overall theme was Spring Emerging from Winter, which was accomplished with a Nature Glam look using black, white, gold and some green.


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