What Works for Her Might be Great Gift Ideas

Dec 10, 2018 | What Works

Holly Murphy chose a profession that combines the precision of her father’s engineering career and the medical knowledge of her mother’s nursing career.

“I liked the medical field and wanted an active job that was both dynamic and would allow me to care for people,” Holly says. “Because I have participated in lots of different sports — softball, track and field, field hockey, ice skating, volleyball, golf, and basketball — I was intrigued about how the body moves and ways to optimize performance. It wasn’t until I shadowed a physical therapist while attending Bellarmine that I thought, ‘This is a career that was designed for me.’”

Holly earned both her Bachelor of Science (four years) and her doctorate in physical therapy (three years) at Bellarmine University. She has spent the nine years since graduation working in and managing outpatient clinics dealing mainly with orthopedic and surgery rehab patients and treating sports injuries. She just recently joined the physical therapy staff at Episcopal Church Home on Westport Road.


“Physical therapists are movement specialists. My goal is to get the patient to the highest level of functioning as possible — to a level of activity where they were before or even better,” Holly says. At the Episcopal Church Home, Holly sees patients that are either in short-term rehab or are long-term residents.

“If they are here as a bridge between surgery and home, we are more focused on activities of daily living,” Holly says. “I could be helping a patient practice going up and down stairs, getting in and out of a car, safely stepping over a curb, and building standing tolerance.

“I am here to be an advocate, a motivator, and a cheerleader. I want to make physical therapy as pleasant an experience as I can. Sometimes there are such gradual changes and that can be frustrating to the patients. I encourage them to stick with it.

“There are many little victories that patients experience, and I enjoy celebrating those with them.”


What Works for this active physical therapist?

Photos by Patti Hartog

Garmin Forerunner 910XT watch

This is a GPS watch that tracks distances, elevation, pace, number of steps, sleep, and calories burned. I’m training for the Derby Festival Marathon and I want to make sure I get my miles in. It features a simple design and is easy to read. I also use it at work to time someone’s exercises or count the steps of someone that I am walking with.

ILIFE V3s Robotic vacuum

Basically I have this because my dog is a heavy shedder. Also, my husband Chris and I are outdoor people and track in a lot of grass and mud. It has a remote control and will go into every room. I have to be careful though as it will fall down the steps so I have to put up some type of barrier when I use it upstairs.

My Hat Collection

I love hats. As a kid I loved dressing up. It is fun to express different styles by wearing different hats. Hats are also good for bad hair days. I probably have about 20 — a combination of running hats, knitted caps, newsie hats, Panama hats, and beach hats with wide brims for sun protection.



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What Works for Her Might be Great Gift Ideas

Dec 10, 2018 | What Works