She Saw a Need for Encouragement, and She Filled It.

Dec 17, 2018 | Passions

“It was really put on my heart,” Linda Ellis Eastman says, “that women needed encouragement, needed support, and to be lifted, as many of them were suffering from low self-esteem that started in their childhoods or pre-teenage years and they were never able to get over that. With this in mind, I wanted to form a network beneficial to all women of all races.”

Linda founded The Professional Woman Network, an international consulting organization dedicated to the empowerment of women and youth, in 1982 and since then has trained and certified over 4,000 women from 23 countries. She has helped women in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, the Philippines, and Jamaica to start their own consulting and seminar practices by conducting certification seminars.

Linda wanted to accelerate the talents and stories of PWN, so 12 years ago she formed Professional Woman Publishing, a private book publishing company. “It’s one thing to have all of these women come in town for certification every year,” Linda says, “but I don’t certify them to be their boss. I certify them so that they can, in any way they choose, reach out and help others. Whether it’s underprivileged or abused women, they can then help them.”

Since creation of the publishing company, Linda has published 300 books and coached 1,001 writers to help them share their voice. “I have no plans to retire. Not as long as I have the brain, the passion, and the heart to lift and encourage others; it’s an emotional energy and I have to have it. When people leave a certification, I hope they feel changed, inspired, or even loved and accepted. Then I feel I have done my job; that is what I feel passionately about. As long as I have my breath, mind, and my heart, there is no end for me. I will do this until I leave the earth.”