On The Street: Ideas for Resolutions

Dec 30, 2018 | On The Street

The day was cold, but the hearts were warm in Germantown. Speaking with women of different ages, hometowns, and stages of life was a humble reminder that everyone is constantly battling something. From the outside, it’s inconspicuous. Only after connecting with someone face to face are you lucky enough to get a glimpse of what’s within.

Kelly McCarthy

“I had a baby. This is my fifth baby. I’m wrapping my head around becoming a mother 20 years after becoming a mother for the first time. It’s still a change integrating another human into your life. I had a natural home birth with the first four..,with my fifth, I had a c-section. Going to the hospital and having a major surgery was so much harder! I’m still recovering. My body is physically different.”

Stephanie Bussiere

“I recently had a breakdown and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I lost my boyfriend through that, so it’s been a hard change. I’ve been better about dieting, and I stopped drinking.”

Amanda Jo LeBlanc

“Physical – becoming myself again following the second(and last) birth of a baby. Émile was born in May 2017. It’s been slow, but I finally feel like Amanda again and have very recently started to feel like a stronger version of her.

“Mental – The past year I’ve been learning and practicing being comfortable about admitting when I need help, then following that up and actually asking for help.

“Emotional – In January I achieved tenure at the University of Louisville. Since then, I’ve been feeling more confident about speaking up in meetings where I would have previously kept mostly silent. It’s sad that it took until now for that to happen, but such is life in academia at the moment for a woman.

“Spiritual – I’ve recently given up on Sundays I grew up with. I now spend that time to reconnect with my family and less time connecting with a higher being and less time with the guilt of not being in church.


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