On The Street: Ideas for Resolutions

Dec 29, 2018 | On The Street

The day was cold, but the hearts were warm in Germantown. Speaking with women of different ages, hometowns, and stages of life was a humble reminder that everyone is constantly battling something. From the outside, it’s inconspicuous. Only after connecting with someone face to face are you lucky enough to get a glimpse of what’s within.

Allison Williamson

“I just moved to Louisville four months ago. In the last year, my husband and I drove across the country and lived in Berkeley, California for his work. Then we spent a month exploring Northern California. We’ve been around. Louisville is also new for us. The physical body being in a new place is a huge change.

“I’m a counselor-in-training, a writer, and a yoga teacher. I’m 27 and moved away from home. I love my parents, but I’ve had a disconnected relationship with them. While away from them, it made me miss them. I’m still three hours away from them. The move was stressful. You don’t feel it happen until afterward, like the aftermath of a tidal wave. Something about that has made me not so worried about my lifestyle and philosophical differences. I just don’t care as much. I didn’t really try to change, it just happened.

“People can treat yoga as a spiritual practice. Some see it traditionally as a physical practice. Spirituality is mind, body, spirit, and community. It’s contributing and making it more of a community thing and connecting with each other while we’re here.”

Laura Duncan

“I’ve been growing my hair out this year. It’s been challenging to find the right length with my curly hair.

“I’ve tried to listen to more podcasts to stimulate thought when I’m in the car or on a Sunday morning.”

“I’ve been focusing more on what I want my goals to be and focusing on me a little more. That goes for relationships, careers, education.”

Sana Bhojwani

“I’ve noticed that though my weight hasn’t changed, my hips have gotten wider. I’ve been swimming a lot more, almost every day. I see some abs coming in.

“I’ve been trying to think of the world with positivity. I believe if you give out good energy you will get good energy in return, even in the toughest of situations. A positive attitude is the least I can do.

“I feel like emotionally if you’re stable, you don’t project negative emotions onto other people. If you find an equilibrium in your head, your family and friends don’t have to go through a rough time with you.

“Being present is a spiritual change for me. I think spirituality is connected to peace. If you don’t think so far into the future, you can stay in the moment and it keeps you connected to what’s going on around you.”


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