Gifts to Our Community: The Healing Place

Dec 6, 2018 | Giving Back

As we embark on the season of gift giving and receiving, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the community-wide gifts that benefit residents of Louisville and Southern Indiana. If you haven’t appreciated these gifts as much as you could have, now is the time.

The Healing Place offers a unique treatment program for men and women over the age of 18 who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike short-term medical models that offer treatment for 28-30 days, The Healing Place’s residential treatment program is long-term and peer-driven, meaning that individuals who have gone through the program assist individuals as they make their way through recovery.

The Healing Place offers non-medical detox, which President Karyn Hascal defines as “cold turkey with tender loving care,” for every substance except benzodiazepines. The TLC comes from staff who know all too well that detoxing days are some of the worst of a person’s life. Hascal says watching new residents go through detox “reinforces their own recovery and focuses them on what they need to do.” The individuals in the midst of detox gain hope from seeing others who are on the other side of recovery.

From detox, residents move to the motivational stage of recovery, followed by intensive recovery, and then the transitional stage, in a program that lasts a minimum of six months but sometimes as long as a year. 

This month, The Healing Place will complete the expansion of its men’s campus, which more than doubles its capacity, although it is still trying to raise several million dollars so that it has no debt. It has also begun implementing three federal grants that were awarded in September, two of which focus on treatment of or housing for veterans.



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