Gifts to Our Community: Impact 100 Southern Indiana

Dec 8, 2018 | Giving Back

As we embark on the season of gift giving and receiving, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the community-wide gifts that benefit residents of Louisville and Southern Indiana. If you haven’t appreciated these gifts as much as you could have, now is the time.

Impact 100 Southern Indiana is an initiative of the Women’s Foundation of Southern Indiana that benefits women in two important ways. Not only do women in the community benefit from the grant made by Impact 100, but the organization helps women in the community envision themselves as philanthropists.

Amy Stein, an attorney and the marketing chair of the organization, says annual membership in Impact 100 is $1,000, which is then pooled in order to make a large contribution to a local nonprofit. In 2017, Impact 100 made a $50,000 grant to St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities, which was used to build a commercial-grade teaching kitchen that serves young mothers and teaches them culinary skills.

In 2018, Impact 100 was able to make a $100,000 grant to Hope Southern Indiana, which was used to create and implement a self-esteem boot camp for at-risk teenage girls.

Impact 100’s members come from a variety of professional fields and are of different ages, races, and experiences, but they share a desire to support nonprofit organizations that bring transformational change to the community.

The organization has an annual event where members vote on which project will receive the grant. “The money goes to a specific purpose — an expansion of service or a capital project, so you really see what your money does for the organization and the people they serve,” Stein says. “Many of our members have never before donated such a large sum to a single charity. The Impact 100 model encourages female-led philanthropy, which is good for the donor as well as the community.”


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