Elizabeth Hoagland’s seven things reflect love of family, friends, and a sweet treat.

Dec 4, 2018 | Seven Things

Elizabeth Hoagland is a writer and blogger with a strong group of Godly women and a growing family to support her. She also happens to be one of Louisville’s newest up-and-coming authors. Her first book, Let’s Be Friends: What My Sister-Friends Taught Me about Faith, Food, and Fun is an introduction into some of the special friendships Elizabeth has formed through the years.

“Chapter by chapter, you’ll meet dozens of women of all ages, whose lives became entwined with mine through book clubs and Bible studies, neighborhood parties, and lunches that lasted long past dessert,” Elizabeth says.

Her journey as a writer and blogger began with her love of books and a not-so-subtle suggestion from a close writer friend who also wrote the forward for Let’s Be Friends.

“Neither [writing nor blogging] was really in my wheelhouse…I can credit my good friend Liz Curtis Higgs for first suggesting it. We were on a road trip to a Women of Faith Christian conference when she told me it was time I started a blog to prepare me to write a book.”

Elizabeth started Worship with Words which she has written for the past six years. Her content mainly focuses on Christian book reviews with a sprinkle of reflection on current events here and there. She spent a number of years running and assisting with book clubs at her church, sparking her interest in book reviews. After working on her blog for several years, Elizabeth’s friends gave her the nudge she needed to begin working on a book of her own.

“I kind of took it as a divine suggestion after two really close writer friends and mentors, Liz Curtis Higgs and Nancy Sleeth, mentioned it,” Elizabeth says. “Unbeknownst to one another, they both said about a week apart from one another, ‘You need to write a book about your amazing friends.’”

Elizabeth’s book details her friendships and how to foster close, precious relationships, and also includes a recipe with each entry. Elizabeth says the book is targeted more toward a local audience, as most of the women live in or around Louisville. Local restaurants North End Café and Cheddar Box Café in St. Matthews contributed two of the recipes included in the book. Let’s Be Friends is now available in several local gift shops.

Elizabeth is married to her college sweetheart, John. They have three sons, all married to their “daughters-in-love,” and one granddaughter, with more on the way.

Elizabeth’s seven things reflect her love of family, friends, and the occasional sweet treat.

A Daily Walk with My Better Half Accompanied by Our Fox Terrier

A walk through the grounds of Locust Grove and beyond with their pup is one of Elizabeth’s favorite ways to wind down and catch up with her hubby while getting a bit of exercise.


Family Dinners at Home Around a Table

While she says it takes crazy calendar coordinating, she cherishes evenings spent gathered together as a family talking and praying for one another.


My Bible Study Girlfriends

“They teach me what it looks like to apply God’s word in my own life, plus they hold me accountable.”

Dark Chocolate

“I have a stash of Nestle Special Dark Nuggets with Almonds and Godiva Dark Chocolate Squares with Sea Salt and Caramel at home,” she says. “If we’re throwing local restaurants into the mix I love the Chocolate Seduction from Uptown Café, Chocolate Pot de Crème from 211 Clover Lane, and Chocolate Velvet from La Peche.”

Kate Spade Book Bag
“I am not designer obsessed by any means, but our kiddos gave me this bag for Christmas one year because it looks like a giant box of assorted chocolates.”

Regular Servings To-Go of the Hot Brown Casserole from Cheddar Box Café St. Matthews
“It’s to-die-for comfort food not to be missed, and the recipe was graciously given to me by owner Nancy Tarrant for my book.”


Perching on the Pier in Naples, Florida
“John and I met on the pier on spring break our junior year of college at the University of Kentucky,” she says. “We recently  bought a place there to share with our family.”


  1. Carol Bonura

    Elizabeth, wonderful article and wonderful plug for your new book!!!

    So happy that you are getting recognition for all the things you do.

    Blessings and best wishes,


  2. Liz Curtis Higgs

    SO fun to read about your seven favorite things and SO proud of all the ways you encourage others!


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