Have A Cookie Party!

Dec 19, 2018 | Food

A weeknight cookie-making party is perfect. Gather at a girlfriend’s home, and bake your hearts out. Each person can bring ingredients for one type of cookie, and together you can prepare all cookies for all of your holiday plans. Cookie dough freezes wonderfully, so this is perfect for those events that are weeks away.

Try decorating with edible, trendy watercolor designs. Start with gel food coloring and vodka. We used a toothpick to spoon a bit of each color you choose on a section of a plate, and use a small drop of vodka to thin out the mixture. Fill a small dish with vodka, and use that to wash out your brushes as well. 

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TIP: I like to use a plastic squeeze bottle instead of a piping bag to ice my cookies. Plus, you can buy them at any grocery store for about $1.
TIP: Bake and ice the cookies the night before you need them to allow the icing to harden before decorating. 
TIP: Meringue powder is available at any craft store and in the cake decorating section of your local supermarket. 


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