A Wedding Double Take

Dec 24, 2018 | Wedding Celebrations

Alden Krausse and Ian Terpilowski had two weddings to celebrate their union — one in Southern Indiana and one in Australia three weeks apart. Both were afternoon weddings in November, but they had the benefit of different seasons. Even though she had two weddings, Alden says it goes fast so she recommends brides take some time to soak it in.

Name of Bride (name before married): Alden Krausse

Name of Groom: Ian Terpilowski

Date of Wedding: November 4, 2017

Time of Wedding: 4:30 in the afternoon

Size of Wedding: 125

Social Media Hashtag for wedding: #theterps2017

Bride’s Favorite Memory: Sitting at our table and looking out on all of our family and friends having a good time.

Advice to Others: Take a moment to soak it all in. Spend five minutes of observing and not worrying about anything. The day will go by fast and this moment could be the favorite memory of your day.

One thing you would have done differently: I would have taken more time for family pictures. I felt like I needed to rush because I didn’t want to keep our guests waiting too long. Remember, this is your day! You don’t need to worry about stuff like that.

Best Planning Tip: Start early and do your research. It could save you tons of money.

Best Money Saving Tip: Sam’s Club Bulk Flowers. I ordered 125 stems of white hydrangeas that I put in vases and scattered around the venue, church, rehearsal dinner, and my mom’s house (site for Sunday brunch). I spent a fraction of what I would’ve spent at a florist. As long as you keep it simple, arrangements are a breeze!

Location of Ceremony: Saint Marks United Church of Christ

Why it worked: it was close to the venue where I got ready, it was close to our reception venue, and it was a beautiful church. The pastor worked with us since we were out of town. It was difficult to schedule the counseling and he was very flexible with that. You’re  usually only allowed to get married in one church, but since my husband is Australian we also wanted to get married there, and this church is very open minded and accommodating.
I would have changed nothing!

Location of ReceptionCulbertson West

I Would Have Changed: Nothing! It was a beautiful venue. The ceiling is absolutely breathtaking. It’s an old mansion converted into an events venue end it has such a beautiful vintage feel.

Photographer: Blush and Blooms photography


Dress: Mikaella BridalRebecca’s Bridal
Why It Worked: My dress had a very classic feel. It was made of satin which is my favorite, and it made me feel like a princess. There was a modern twist, on the side underneath my arms, there were mesh cut outs that were absolutely beautiful.

I Would Have Changed: I would’ve had my dress have pockets!

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
I let each girl pick out their own style of dress. The only thing that I specified with that it was for the dress to be long and I gave them a specific color. It worked so well because every girl got to pick out a dress they liked and had control of how much they paid. Since I had two bridesmaids who were from Australia, I was able to send them a color sample and they were able to go to a store in Australia and find a dress. My main goal was not to be a bridezilla so I tried to view what the bridesmaids would be feeling and going through as if I were one. I also wanted the girls to pick out a dress that they could wear to both weddings. A few of the bridesmaids came to the Australian wedding as well and were able to wear the same dress. Who says that you only can wear a bridesmaid dress once?!

Bridesmaids Getting Ready
I rented out an Laurel and Lavender Beauty Lounge for my girls to get ready and relax. We started at 9am and I provided breakfast and lunch. They had sofas for us to hang out on and stations for us to get ready. I had 10 bridesmaids, three flower girls and people in and out all day and it never got crowded or cramped. It was a nice way to get to hang out with my family and friends before the wedding and it was a relaxing environment.

Video: Brandon Ingram Productions

Brandon is an old friend who has been videoing weddings for a while. I liked that it was someone that I knew that was in charge of capturing my special day. I feel like he did a spectacular job at capturing our vibe.

Food: Culbertson West
Since I was planning my wedding from Philadelphia, it was nice to have a venue that included so much with the price. It took a lot of stress off. I was able to have a say in what we were serving and was able to change around a few things. The guys at Culbertson West, Carlye and Steve, were very accommodating and easy to work with. They even asked me what I wanted to do with the food that was left over, and were very happy to deliver it to a soup kitchen for me.

We had a his/hers drink — mine was Tito’s Vodka and soda with a splash of cranberry, and Ian’s was a Mahattan. We also had an open bar.

Cake: Adrienne’s
White cake with a raspberry filling and buttercream frosting, and a dark chocolate cake with cream cheese buttercream
Why it worked: Adrienne sat down with us and gave us an amazing cake tasting. She was willing to customize flavors for us to make my dream cake happen. I also ordered 12 dozen assorted donuts to serve as the party was winding down, and they sent the most delectable doughnuts that I’ve ever eaten. Having something to eat at the end of the night was wonderful. 

Flowers: Sam’s Club
I was able to make my own arrangements and not spend thousands of dollars on flowers. I was going for simple white with tons of flowers, and I was able to achieve that. Since hydrangeas aren’t the heartiest of flowers, I made the bridesmaids bouquets months ahead of time with fake flowers that looked very nice. My bouquet came from Kroger, and it was lovely.

What You Would Have Changed: I might not have ordered so many! I wasn’t sure how much I needed, so I ordered way more!

Hobby Lobby and Amazon are life savers. Also, gold spray paint is the real MVP. I used dried pinto beans for my vase filler and spray painted them gold. So cheap, but looked amazing. I also purchased a few items from wedding sales on Facebook. I bought table runners from linentablecloth.com that were nice looking and budget friendly.

Planner: Madalyn Payne
I used Madalyn Payne as my day of coordinator. I highly suggest having a day of coordinator as it took all of the pressure off of me and my family and having to do things the day of the wedding. I had to do nothing but focus on my day which was wonderful.

Our rings were made by a jeweler in Australia who is a family friend of my husband. He had all of our rings custom-made and exactly what we wanted.

Invitations: American Wedding
They have tons of styles and selections. They were absolutely beautiful.

Makeup/Hair Lorie Karnes
I’ve known Lorie for more than ten years and she is brilliant. I have done countless modeling jobs and have had her as my hair and makeup person.

Rehearsal Dinner: O’Sheas downtown
I wanted people to be able to order food from a menu at a restaurant, since the wedding day would be catered food. We had so many people from out of the country that I wanted them to taste good food from Kentucky!

I Would Have Changed: There was a concert at the KFC Yum Center that day, so parking was a nightmare, and it was quite noisy.

Length of Planning Time: A year and a half

Australia Wedding

Date of Wedding: November 25, 2017

Time of Wedding: 4:30 in the afternoon

Size of Wedding: 75 guests

Social Media Hashtag for wedding:#theterps2017

Bride’s Favorite Memory: Dancing with my husband underneath a large Oak that was lit up with fairy lights.

Advice to Others: Cherish every moment of your day. It goes by so quickly.

Best Planning Tip: The earlier you start, the more venue and vendor options you have.

Best Money Saving Tip: DIY as much as you can!

Location of Reception: Mt. Macedon Pub

We were able to have the whole beer garden as our outdoor venue. It was spring in Australia so the foliage and temperature were perfect.

Dress: Off the rack and glammed up with a jeweled belt, I added lace trim at the bottom, and added a removable lace bolero for church.

I went big with my dress in the U.S. wedding, so I was able to get the perfect second dress at a less steep price. Off the rack it was $200 and my seamstress turned it into a dream with the extras she added.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Same ones they wore to the US wedding!

Food: Food off the menu at the Pub was delicious and everyone had a choice!

Drinks: Open bar

Why It Worked: Most of Ian’s family is Polish, so there were many shots of vodka consumed! Ian’s cousin helped me out: when he brought over shots for the group, he would hand me a shot of water to take so I could still participate! (I was drinking champagne, and I didn’t want to get too tipsy!)

Flowers: All of the flowers for the tables came from my mother-in-law’s sister’s beautiful gardens. She has acres and acres of beautifully manicured gardens. I was able to transport some of the other decor to this wedding, which was helpful. I brought over the tablecloths and the framed signs.

Music: When we got married Ed Sheeran’s Perfect had just come out. I knew it was going to be a big wedding song. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to have it as their first dance song.

Planner: Me, my mother-in-law, and her neighbor
I was lucky enough to have a ton of help planning this wedding. Big decisions were made by me, but I tried not to be too much of a bridezilla and let them take over. I was so happy to see it all come together on the day of the wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner: Macedon Wine Rooms
It was the most beautiful setting overlooking the Macedon ranges (mountains). The food was amazing, the view was spectacular with floor-to-ceiling windows, and it was an intimate party of family and close friends.

Length of Planning Time: Year and a half


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