Dressing is a Creative Outlet

Nov 19, 2018 | Work Wardrobe

Bailey Lannan has held varied positions in her career, from second-grade teacher, to mommy blogger, to salesperson for a book distributor — all while married and raising three children.

Now, she is on to a fourth career as a senior product advisor for Heartland Payment Systems, which provides payment processing and other business solutions. Bailey hops from meeting to meeting with businesses. “I offer payroll, onboard, and human resources solutions to businesses,” Bailey says. “I advise them on what products they might need.

“Blogging has always been my creative outlet,” says Bailey, 34. But, “I put that on the back burner to focus on my new career with Heartland.”

Work wardrobe philosophy: “Classy and current,” she says. “I think less is more, but accessories are a must. I accentuate with belts, shoes, and purses. I like to see what colors, what patterns I can put together. I always try to keep up with what’s in.”

Style tip: “I  play up my assets. To accentuate my waistline, I wear belts; for shoulders, I wear off-the-shoulder tops. I also think you should be comfortable, otherwise, you won’t feel confident in what you are wearing.”

Creating a look: “Dressing is a creative outlet. It’s always been a fun thing for me. I think: I can put this shirt with these pants. I can put these shoes with the outfit. Not everybody sees the big picture. People tend to focus on the one thing. If you can focus on the whole outfit, you’ll have the whole look instead of shopping for pieces. When I am shopping for single items, I get things that are versatile, that I can wear with everything.”

Favorite shops: Dress and Dwell Boutique in New Albany, Indiana; T.J.Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack. “I like to get my shoes at 6pm Outlet in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.”

Travel outfit: “I layer because airplanes are either hot or cold. I wear a sweater or jean jacket. And I wear a comfortable shoe.”

Meeting outfit: “Something classy and neat, not sloppy or loose. Khaki pants with a tucked in top and cute belt. Maybe a dress.”

Work-to-evening outfit: “I would do something more high fashion. Good jeans, a short bootie, a V-neck sweater or an off-the-shoulder top. Something less conservative.”



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