Don’t let anyone tell you what fashion should be…

Nov 10, 2018 | What We Love

Her style is unlike any other from head to toe, and what we love most about it is that she jumps in with both feet, fully committed to it. You may have recognized her from afar by her pink hair a few months ago; however, Lorie Karnes’ pink style has faded, and she now sports a much different hue that pairs beautifully with her “rocker-chic” style.

Whenever the weather accommodates, you’ll see Lorie in a leather jacket and a flannel shirt (wrapped around the waist during the summer months), a statement necklace or layered necklaces, and a few bangles.

Her go-to shoe is a Frye boot, and she loves any kind of black pants. Lorie’s favorite top to finish the look is a designer or vintage T-shirt.

“Functionality and comfortability were always important as a working makeup artist,” Lorie says. She has been a professional makeup artist for 17 years, and she worked for Universal Studios as a makeup and special effects artist.

“Makeup found me,” says Lorie, and although she still does makeup with her team during Louisville’s event seasons, she’s now firmly anchored at The Lash Lounge St. Matthews as the salon manager.

She picks out her entire outfit, handbag and all, based on what style of makeup she’s wearing that day. Inspired by trends of the season, Bebe Rexha (recommended to her by friend Andre Wilson), Nicole Richie, and Lady Gaga, Lorie likes to go against the grain and gravitates toward people who emulate that kind of fashion sense. She also dresses her son, Ethan, age 8, to match her wardrobe.

“Don’t let anyone tell you what fashion should be,” Lorie says. Always be comfortable so you can be the boss babe you’re supposed to be.”


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