What We Love About Her Style (and how her authenticity has created a following)

Oct 30, 2018 | What We Love

She’s the girl next door and the person you’d want for a best friend. She’s encouraging and inspiring and motivates others to be their best. It’s those traits and more that we love about Lara Van Treese’s (life)style.  She’s a personal trainer, a meal prepper, an influencer, and the wife of former University of Louisville and professional basketball player Stephan Van Treese.
Today, the word “influencer” is thrown around often and is used when referencing those with large social media followings. However, it’s the beautiful, positive impact they can have on others that we love.

Lara chronicles her life on Instagram , and it has turned into so much more than photo-sharing. Posting about her day-to-day life makes her relatable to many, whether it’s someone needing a little fitness inspiration or an animal lover or someone searching for a new diet to help with digestive issues, something Lara is not shy to talk about. After following a three-week process of elimination diet inspired by Jason Theobald (Instagram @ScoobyPrep), she learned that a pescetarian diet would benefit her. “It has been a lifesaver.”

Lara starts each day at 4:30am with coffee and gets her cardio in before training clients. Her daily makeup routine is simple with concealer and mascara, and she only uses cruelty-free skincare products like Tart and Aveda. To make her style effortless, she wears only black, grey, or white, but adds a pop of color to her wardrobe with colorful athletic shoes. Her go-to brands are Adidas, Nike, and Lululemon. Whether it’s summer or winter, she always wears black Lululemon leggings. “I’m low maintenance, but my husband wouldn’t say that. Ninety-five percent of the time, I’m a tomboy, but on the weekend, I’m a bit extra-girly.”

Lara loves seeing fitness clients happier, and that’s what drives her. “I see women starting out in baggy T-shirts, and they begin to see results and notice definition in their arms, and I suggest they wear a tank next time, and they do! It’s baby steps to self-confidence.”

The meal-prepping part of her work began when she was training a client who refused to eat healthy, and she asked Lara to start cooking for her. Her meal-prepping business has grown so much that she’s prepping meals three days a week. This time gives her the opportunity to listen to podcasts from people she admires as personal trainers.



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