Life 101: How to Set Up a Bar

Oct 13, 2018 | Home Decor

We live in Kentucky, so bourbon is a must-have as are vodka and tequila, says Skye Squires, designer with Barry Wooley Designs. In addition to the hard stuff, she also recommends a red and a white wine.
Soda and tonic water are also pretty standard, but it’s always nice to include a juice, preferably fresh, and ginger beer, she says. For the Old Fashioned, Manhattan and martini drinkers, you’ll need bitters as well as sweet and dry vermouth. And if you’re hosting a brunch, be sure to have Bloody Mary mix and orange juice on hand, maybe even champagne.
As for glassware?
“Keep it simple! Red and white wine glasses as well as stemless wine glasses get used the most in our household,” Squires says. “Highball glasses, rocks glasses, pint glasses, and copper mugs, which are great for decor as well, should round out the basic bar setup.”
Squires is also a big proponent of having fun with garnishes.
“I personally believe drink garnishes take your drink from good to ‘give me another!’” she says. “Lemons, limes, oranges, cherries, olives, strawberries, jalapenos, mint, celery and bacon — yes, bacon! Sugar and salt are also a must.”
If you want, add a small collection of specialty liqueurs. “Kahula and Baileys make for delicious coffee drinks during cold seasons,” Squires says. “I like to keep Grand Marnier and Limoncello for great after dinner sipping.”

What will you be drinking this holiday season?


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